New Wine 2017

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  • Don’t Let it Stress You Out!
    How to evaluate and manage your emotional intelligence
  • Downsizing to Upgrade
    How to live within your means while pursuing increase
  • Good, Good Father
    Exposing the myth of an angry God, embracing the truth of God’s love
  • My Mind is Telling Me No, But My Body is Telling Me Yes!
    Combating food addictions
  • Improving Your Value & Marketability
    Achieving sustainable success in the workplace
  • Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients
    Changing your diet/understanding calories in food
  • The Power of Connection
    How to move beyond communicating to connection
  • Grieving is Relieving
    Understanding and embracing the grief process
  • The Power of Being Underestimated
    Maximizing beyond negativity to positive outcomes
  • Living on the Edge of Risk & Reality
    How to finance and advance your vision
  • 12-Play
    Recovering and sustaining the vision and vibrancy of your marriage
  • Psalms & Proverbs
    Developing a devotional life of worship and wisdom through Scripture
  • Roadblocks to Your Best Self
    Developing disciplines for healthy eating & exercise
  • Sexual Healing
    Managing the mind/body beyond impulsivity & unintended consequences
  • The Prayer Warrior’s Way
    How to pray with power, purpose and precision
  • What’s In Your Wallet?
    How to save and invest money to maintain financial stability
  • Your Mind is on the Other Side of Town
    Practicing the art of being fully present
  • Are your affairs in order?
    Pre-planning workshop presented by Vaughn Greene Funeral Home


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